What To Do After A Hit And Run Accident


Accidents happen and sometimes the driver at fault doesn’t want to stick around to face the consequences. Here are some suggestions of what to do and not to do if you’re involved in a hit and run accident.

Write Down The License Plate

If your car was involved in the accident, and you were there at the time, you will likely have seen the license plate of the other vehicle. Write it down as soon as possible.

Check Yourself And Others For Injury

This is the first thing to do. Deal with any first aid issues and call for an ambulance if anyone was hurt. People matter more than crumpled fenders, and this is true whether the accident was a hit and run or not.

Provide The Police With The License Plate Information.

Call the police.It’s up to the authorities to track down the owner information from the car registration. You should also give thehbthbbyt license plate number to your insurance company. Another thing to do is to call your insurance agent as quickly as you can to notify them of the accident.

Do Not Take The Law Into Your Hands.

There are websites online that offer to search for the owner by license plate data but why would you need to or want to? Perhaps you might want to use such a service to get car registration information for other purposes but don’t do it for a hit and run accident. The driver had a reason for running away, and you don’t want to get involved in whatever that was.

Take Pictures Of The Damage And The Location.

You should also talk to anyone else that saw the accident. This is especially important to do before the police arrive due to the possibility of some witnesses simply wandering away.

Do Not Become Angry.

It is the most important thing not to do. The accident has happened, and there’s nothing your anger can do to prevent it. Your anger might make you do something rash like chasing after the hit and run driver. Let the police do the chasing and apprehending because they are authorized, and you’re not.

Be As Calm As Possible.

Record the information like the license plate and the witness names. Take the pictures and make the contact phone calls you need to. Be smart instead of emotional because the situation will eventually be resolved and you don’t want to make it worse.