Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Before you hire an attorney for your divorce case, you should ask questions that will help to determine whether a lawyer is the best choice for your case. Below, we list five such questions and describe their importance.

Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Is Divorce the Main Focus of Your Practice?

To ensure your case receives the appropriate amount of attention,dgdfgdfgdfg select an attorney whose core practice is divorce law. Attorneys specializing in multiple areas of law have to allocate their time appropriately, and although they may be proficient in divorce, alternative commitments could distract them. As a result, your attorney may not be able to spend the necessary time handling your case.

Have you dealt with numerous No Fault Divorces?

If you are interested in a no-fault divorce, visit to find an attorney who handles these types of cases. Although all lawyers are equipped to handle no-fault divorces, some prefer fault cases because they bring in more money. If you are interested in a no-fault divorce and your attorney predominately handles fault divorces, you should consider finding a different lawyer who specializes solving divorce cases outside the court system.

Will you be handling my Case Personally?

In situations where you speak with a known attorney, it isn’t a guarantee they are going to handle your case. It can be disconcerting when you are expecting that this person is going to personally handle your case and they do not. Even though it may not be terrible to your case, you don’t want to be taken by surprise if another attorney from the firm will be representing you.

Can you point me to Valuation Experts?

If your marital assets feature business assets, you should have them valuated by a valuation expert, a person who assesses the fair market value of businesses and their assets. You or your attorney may think you know your business’ worth, but a valuation expert can let you know for sure by examining such things as your business’ intellectual property, its physical property, its prospects, etc.

About how Much Will my Case Cost?

dgdfgdfgdfgfdgfgBecause divorces can differ vastly in duration, and therefore price, it’s best to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying in attorney fees upfront, especially if your divorce will go to court.


Fault divorces can last significantly longer than no mistake ones, even months. In such instances, having a cost estimate will allow planning for your case financially, as well help to determine whether you can afford an attorney’s rates beyond his or her retainer fee.